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Are you sick of...

Endlessly scrolling Instagram searching for the latest hormone health trends

Feeling like you're doing "everything right" but not making the progress you want

Being angry and frustrated with your body

Constantly being on a health roller coaster and are searching for REAL answers

You know your hormones are important.

Our hormones tell a story about our health.

Most women hate their current story...

Do you?

If so, it's time to re-write it.

Are you ready to finally take charge of your hormone health?

I SEE you.

I was you.


When I first began my hormone healing journey 10 years ago, I was the girl who was saving the wellness account tips/hacks, jumping from trendy product to supplement to restrictive diet... and just PRAYING something would work. My chronic fatigue, autoimmune dermatitis, painful periods, endometriosis bloating, heavy flow, facial rashes, gut pain, and uncontrolled anxiety RULED my world.


It took years of trial and error, research, and listening to my gut instead of the "experts" before I finally saw results. And it was so much simpler than I thought.


Instead of throwing a million different outside things at my body, I realized first I needed to create a solid internal foundation for those other things to stand on.


That's how I created the basis for my Foundational Framework and achieved long-lasting hormone health and balance that has stayed with me through every life season (and have used it to help hundreds of other women heal their hormones, too.)


Now it's your turn!

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Are you ready to...

Ignite Your Inner Energy
Balance Your Hormones 
Take Charge of Your Wellness

Dr. Erin Ventoso, DC
Founder of Willow & Sage Wellness Co.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by burnout, struggling with constant fatigue, and battling hormonal imbalances? It's time to rewrite your story and embrace a life of vitality and balance. Welcome to Living In Flow, a live and interactive 8-week immersive learning experience led by Dr. Erin Ventoso, Chiropractor, Holistic Hormone Health Coach, and Women's' Health Expert.

In this program you'll learn to...

We’re ditching the trends and heading back to the basics. In a world of quick fixes we’re taking a step back and creating a true foundation for hormone health. 

Are you in?


Tap into the Power of The Foundations

True healing begins by harnessing the foundations for hormone health. I will guide you through an interactive journey, teaching you proven techniques and practices to unlock the potential of your nervous system, restore hormonal harmony, and ignite your inner energy.
Let's build an unshakeable foundation for your hormone health.
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When do we start?

This upcoming cohort will begin August 2024! The waitlist is currently open.

Do we have access to you?

Yes! I will be active in the group chat M-Thu to connect and answer questions. You'll also have the option to attend monthly office hour calls with me where I can touch on your questions and connect personally.

How long does the program run?

The live portion of the program runs for 8-weeks in total. After completion, you will maintain lifetime access to the program modules and resources.

What platform are we using for the group chat?

We will be utilizing What'sApp for our group community chat! There will be multiple channels inside to help us connect on topics & get you the support you need.

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